Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Top 5 Favourite Lipsticks

As we all know lipstick is a key part to a girls make up - it can make or break a look. Now I don't wear lipstick that often as I'm quite picky with colours, but nonethelessI thought I would share with you my top five favourite lipsticks and tell you why I love them so much!

From Left to right: Mac in Pretty Please, YSL in Peach Passion, Rimmel London in Pink Blush, Bourjois in Rouge sure Mesure and Mac in Saint Germain.

Mac in Pretty Please
I absolutely adore this lipstick, definitely my favourite. It's just so creamy and easy to put on, and just goes with anything! As you can tell from the picture it's not very pigmented but I think that's why I love it so much. It stays on all day and has a lovely shimmer to it ... it also smells really nice! I purchased this from the Mac counter in Debenhams, but you can also get it from their website and it will cost you £13.50 - trust me it's worth the price! (http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/)

YSL in Peach Passion
I've only had this lipstick for about a month now but it's such a lovely product.  It's from the Rouge Volupte range and is creamy, smooth, pigmented, everything you look for in a lipstick! I have to apply every four hours or so but you don't need  much. It's a brilliant colour, perfect for summer time and I would highly recommend this to anyone. I always put a layer of vaseline on my lips before applying this and I find it helps to give it a bit more of a shimmery look. The only downfall is the price ... £23.50 (ouch!). I bought it from the YSL counter in Debenhams but you can also get it from their website. (http://www.yslbeauty.co.uk/)

Rimmel London in Pink Blush
Oh my god, this acually smells AMAZING! If you could eat a lipstick, this would be the one!!!! Anyway moving on ... this is just one of those lipsticks that can go with anything. Its quite a bright pink but if you apply a lib balm underneath it has a bit of a shine which I think is really nice. If you're not into super bright pinks then what I sometimes do is apply a thin layer of concealer on my lips before I apply the lipstick as this helps to tone down the brightness - this works really well with this product.  It's really smooth to put on and lasts for about three hours. It's also a bargain as it onl costs £4.99 and I got mine from Boots.

Bourjois in Rouge sur Mesure
This is my absolute favourite red of all time! The colour is from the Super Kisses range by Bourjois and is really pigmented giving an amazing matte finish. It's also lovely to apply as it's really smooth and creamy and lasts for ages!!  - honestly on a night out I only have ever had to apply it once! You only need one layer and is best applied over a lip balm. The price is pretty reasonable too and I got mine from Boots which cost me £7.99.

Mac in Saint Germain
This is a very bold, statement lipstick and you have to be quite daring to give it a go. It's pretty similar to Pink Blush but is more of a light/barbie pink colour and is more pigmented. It's in beetween a matte and sheer lipstick which is really nice and just like every other lipstick I've mentioned it's smooth, creamy and easy to apply. I do find it can dry out my lips though, so I tend to either put a lip balm underneath it or apply a clear gloss on top. It's reasonably long wearing and again is the same price as Pretty Please £13.50 and is available from a Mac counter or their website.

Well there we have it guys, my top five favourite lipsticks! What are your favourite lipsticks and why?

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