Monday, 23 April 2012

TLC For Hair


Moroccan Oil!

Last year for Christmas my Mum bought be a little bottle of Moroccan Oil for a present, and ever since I’ve completely fallen in love with it! It states on the bottle that it is actually a hair treatment, and the idea is to help prevent split ends from appearing. Now I’ve had it for just less than four months and I’m only half way through the 25ml bottle, you honestly need a tiny amount. What I do is pour approximately a five pence piece size of the product into the palm of my hand and then rub together so it’s dispersed over both of my hands.  I then run my fingers through my hair concentrating on the bottom half of my hair (from the ear down as this is the oldest hair) and also on the ends. I then pat my hands on the top of my head to stop fly aways but that’s it for the top half of hair, because I found that when I applied it it was so hard to maintain volume as the oil was weighing the hair down. I tend to apply the product after I have blow-dried my hair and before I use any hot tools i.e. straighteners/curlers. Every now and then I may put a tiny bit on after I’ve curled my hair as I’ve found it helps to separate the curls if you’re looking for a “piecey” effect. That’s it guys, give it a try and let me know if this does or doesn’t work for you!

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