Thursday, 24 May 2012

Best Beauty Box?

For quite some time now I've been debating on subscribing to a beauty box but I was never quite sure which was the best one for me. So I took it upon myself to carry out a bit of research on several different beauty boxes, and this is what I've found ...

Glossybox is offering you a mix of five minature products which are selected specifically for your beauty needs (when you subscribe you are asked to fill in your personal beauty details). The box will cost you £10 a month and £2.95 for postage and packaging. There are approximately 95 brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Liz Earle, OPI and Philip Kingsley so it kind of sounds like the real deal. However, after reading several reviews it became apparent that a lot of customers weren't happy with the products they were recieving saying it was very hit and miss. This put me off majorly and I was actually quite disappointed to hear this as it sounded pretty ideal to begin with.

Whilst reading the reviews for Glossybox, another common beauty box name appeared which I hadn't heard of before. It's called JolieBox and is the same price as Glossybox, £10 for a monthly subscription and £2.95 for postage and packaging. You receive four to five beauty samples which could be from 40 different brands again including OPI, and also Yardley London, Agent Provocateur and Eyeko London. A lot of these brands aren't that well known but I think that's the best thing about beauty boxes, discovering new products from different brands and being able to experiment with them. Most of the reviews were pretty positive about this beauty box, saying they were going to continue their subscription and couldn't wait for next month's box - which is good news! (This is my favourite by far!)

This has to be the biggest let down of all the beauty boxes. After reading so many reviews which were literally singing their praise I couldn't wait to go on their website and check out the prices and products etc (I mean check out the picture, it looks lush!) But alas, to my dismay, there was no website. Turns out Carmine is now Glossybox! Now to me this is a little confusing as Carmine had so many good reviews and customers genuinely seemed really happy with their beauty box, but after reading Glossybox's reviews so many were disappointed, so I don't really get how this could have happened. Either way, I'm pretty upset I didn't get to try this out when it was originally Carmine cos it sounded so good. Bad times.

This is a reasonably new beauty box consisting of 5 deluxe sized beauty samples which will cost you £9 a month and £2.95 for postage and packaging. The website doesn't state how many brands they use but I know that some used in previous boxes include Collection 2000, Aveda, Kim Kardashian and Inika. There aren't a lot of reviews for this beauty box but the majority of what I read were reasonably positive with just a few a little disappointed with some of the products. Possibly a bit of hit or miss again like Glossybox so maybe it's worth subscribing for a month and then cancelling? Not too sure how I feel about this one ...

This is a slightly different beauty box in that it isn't a subscription and you get to select what products you want to receive. So if you don't like the products, you don't have to get them! The "Little Beauty Box" consists of three samples which you get to select yourself from a list which is provided. Unlike a normal beauty box it isn't paid via your card online it's actually paid for using your phone. You text the number given which will cost you £1.50 plus your standard network rate and that's it all done. Pretty simple and easy to be honest. Obviously a bonus of this is the cost, however lots of reviews have stated that the sample sizes are pretty small but I suppose this is to be expected as its dirt cheap. They also do luxury samples and sample sets from lots of different brands including Dove, Elemis, Liz Earle and Nicky Clarke which are all separately priced. Lastly they do a themed box which will cost you £5.95 plus £2.95 for postage and packaging. Overall sounds pretty good and might possibly give this a shot ... the only thing that puts me off a bit is paying by phone ... hmmm.

What are your favourite beauty boxes?


  1. cool stuff...
    i tagged you with a fun "get to know me" tag...check it out here

  2. In my country they only have glossybox, so I don't really have much choice. I'm still doubting weather I should subscribe or not though


    ♕Oh my Beautiful Target!

  3. sounds like you have amazing boxes over there :) I wish we had so many. ours are only craop :( really annoying, because I really would like to try them out.
    in btw you have a really nice blog, dear :) keep up the great work! :))


  4. Looks like you guys have some great options! There aren't near as many over here, but I subscribe to one called birchbox :)

  5. There are so many beauty boxes out there I never have a clue which is best, but this definitely helped :) Glossybox seems to have the monopoly yet has the worst reviews! Also interesting to read your 'about you tag' xx