Sunday, 13 May 2012

Multi-Coloured Leopard Print Nails

Multi-Coloured Leopard Print Nails

Hey guys so I decided to do something a bit funky with my nails today and this is what I've come up with:

If you want to create this look yourself then keep reading!

What you'll need:
1) A base and a top coat
2) Three different colours for the base
3) Black nail polish
4) Some sort of brush to draw the leopard print on

 From left to right -  Barry M in Turquoise, Max Factor in Mellow Yellow, Barbara Day in Sizzler, Marks & Spencer Nail Colour in Black.

1) First apply a base coat to your nails and let this dry.
2) Take one of your three colours, apply to a third of your nail, and let it dry.
3) Repeat this step with the two other colours

4) Now it's time to draw the leopard print onto your nails. You can either do this using a nail art pen or a nail brush and black nail polish. Unfortunately I do not own a nail brush so I used an old eyeliner brush. The best thing to do is to pour a small amount of the polish onto a piece of paper and dip your brush into it; this enables you to wip off any excess nail polish. If you're not sure how to draw leopard print then copy my design, although its mostly random lines!

5) Make sure everything is completely dry. If there is any smuding on your fingers from the nail polish, then get a cotton bud and dip it in some nail varnish remover  and go round the edges of your nail to make it look more neat.
6) Once you are happy with the completed look apply a top coat.

Hope you enjoy it!

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