Friday, 9 November 2012

How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Hi everyone, so today's post is all about how to clean your make up brushes! 

Now depending on how much you spend on your brushes you might not be as bothered as others at keeping them clean and in good condition. But to be honest no matter how expensive they are it is so so sooo important to clean them regularly. Every time you apply your make up bacteria is being transfered from your face onto your brush and it's just going to linger there until it's cleaned. So if you think about it, if you don't clean your brush for two weeks, you're going to have two weeks worth of bacteria on just one brush (ewwww) and it's most likely going to break you out. So in conclusion cleaning your make up brushes is essential to keeping a clean and spot-free face!!!

There are two methods of brush cleaning: 1) Spot Cleaning and 2) Deep Cleaning. Spot cleaning takes litereally thirty seconds a brush and is so easy to do. It tends to be done every one to two days and all you will need is a brush cleanser and some tissue. Deep cleaning is a bit more of a lengthy process and will need to be done the night before in order to allow time for the brushes to dry. This tends to be done weekly or fortnightly and you'll need either a brush shampoo/normal shampoo/soap, a sink and a towel.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your brushes is so quick and simple and requires barely any drying time. I find that that more you spot clean your brushes the longer you can put off deep cleaning. So to do this all you'll need is some tissue and a brush cleanser. You can find a brush cleanser at any beauty company and for example Mac £9.50, Elf £3.75, and Bobbi Brown £15.00.

Step 1: Get your brush cleanser and spray about two pumps onto a piece of tissue

Step 2: Place your brush (bristles face down) onto the tissue where you've just sprayed your cleanser

Step 3:  If its a face brush (like the F84 from Sigma Beauty) and it's rounded then you want to just move it around on the tissue in circular motions. If you are using an eye brush or foundation brush (like the F60) then instead of using circular motions you need to go back and forth on the tissue. So place one side down then flip it over and go back on the other side. This will help to keep the brush in the right shape.

Step 4: Continue step 3 until the tissue is completely clear and your brush is clean. 
In about a minute your brush will be dry and ready to use again.

Deep Cleaning

Like I touched on earlier, this is a much longer process than spot cleaning so you're going to need to allocate a bit of time to do it - preferably the night before to allow time for your brushes to dry. This is a much more thorough method of cleaning your brushes and is the key to keeping your brushes in really good condition. Deep cleaning is simply washing your brushes in the sink with some brush shampoo/soap/normal shampoo and then letting them dry. Sounds easy enough, but trust me it will soon become the bane of your life! Now to make my life easier and to speed up the process I like to spot clean my brushes before I deep clean them. All this means is that there's less product to get out when you're washing them and like I just said,  it will make it a bit quicker. 

Step 1. So you're going to start off with all your brushes and what I like to do is separate them into my face brushes and eye brushes like so:

Step 2. Next you're going to need to go over to your sink and turn the tap on. You're going to want the temperature about luke-warm, definitely not too hot or cold as this is bad for your brushes. 

Step 3. Then take your first face brush and run it under the water. It's really important that you make sure you are holding the brush so it is faced down and that you are not getting the top of the ferrule wet (the ferrule is the metal bit between the bristles and the handle).

Step 4. Squirt some of your soap/shampoo (I'm using some normal hand soap) into your hand to create a lather and then place your brush into your hand and use either circular or back and forth motions (depending on the type of brush) until the water runs clear. If a brush is very dense you may need to repeat this process, adding more soap and water if necessary.

 Step 5. When the water runs clear your brush is all clean. To help with the drying process squeeze your brush gently so that any excess water comes out. Then you want to try and re-shape your brush as best as you can so it will dry in the correct shape. Once you've done this lay it out on a towel so it can dry.

Step 6. Repeat this process until all of your face brushes are clean and then move onto your eye brushes. Once you've finished you will have a complete set of brushes all nice and clean, drying for the next day!

And that's all there is to it. Pretty simple and easy, just a bit repetitive! Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions then leave a comment below :)

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  1. This is the exact same as how i clean my brushes! Doing it every couple of months makes so much difference, i forget how soft they are! Great post :)!

  2. This is a great post lovely :) I have the e.l.f daily cleaner- it's so quick and easy I love it.

  3. great post, really helpful to novices!

  4. This is an amazing post! I always deep clean my brushes, and never thought about spot cleaning before - it'll make things a lot easier in future haha!

    1. Spot cleaning is such a life saver! Thanks for the comment :) xx

  5. So helpful, thank you. I just discovered your blog today and am loving it. Now following, would love it if you could check out mine too. Naomi xx

    1. Thank you lovely! You're blog is so good, following you back :) xx

  6. This has been soo helpful, thankyouu! :) xx

    1. You're very welcome! Thanks for the comment xx